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Educatum is a school exam management software in the UK; it provides a simple, easy to use online solution for schools, colleges and universities of all sizes looking for a more flexible exam system. It’s been designed to help schools automate processes and save time. In addition, it allows schools to manage their multiple examination scripts with ease. The school exam management software can be used for school exams, college exams, online exams, etc.

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Educatum is the only exam management software in the UK that manages all school exams. The system provides a level of control for teachers and students that no other system can match. Teachers can access detailed reports on their student’s progress throughout the year, see where they are excelling or falling short, and provide them with personalised feedback.

The academics section is meant to provide the management with effective and dependable academic characteristics. The academic and professional sections will enable the company to quickly sort, add, and delete student data. Academics are not only a learning management software system in the UK but also exam software applications. In addition, it hosts the entire academic procedures such as school settings, course outlines, calendars, portfolios, classroom reviews and progress.

The comprehensive academic section of the Educatum embeds the resource centre. A resource centre enables the admins to view the daily diary, course details, assignments, past papers, quizzes and the exam setup for the students.

. However, the admins keep the right to modify or add the records in the resource centre.

The inclusive system manages the classroom activities such as attendance, grades, summaries and the teachers’ remarks about the students. Moreover, it enables the users to view, add or delete the records in the student’s records. However, it is an automated system that produces the results to the student’s database directly. In addition, the software permits the users to add projects and e-courses.

Educatum is a university exam management software in the UK. In addition, it offers an exam timetable maker, a custom grade book creator, a student information manager and a portfolio system for teachers and students. It develops and operates the only exam management software for universities. Its solutions provide students with all the information they need to prepare for examinations, allowing them to promptly progress to their next level of education.

Educatum is the best educational software in the UK. It has been designed to help students learn more effectively. In addition, it is the UK’s leading online Software Solution for managing academics, finances, student admissions, timetables, exams, career development and much more. It is used in thousands of schools throughout the UK. It is a cloud-based software that allows you to manage your school or college with ease. However, it is a new easy-to-use software that helps manage students and lectures in universities, colleges and schools. In addition, these educational institutions can use Educatum to keep tabs on students and monitor their academic progress.

Our mission is to create a disruptive, game-changing solution that allows schools, academies and colleges to manage their academics’ performance and development through online cloud technology. It is a software solution for academic institutions, and it is specifically designed to work with academics and their professional development. In addition, it helps universities and colleges improve the quality and availability of education for staff and students.

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