Accounts Management System Software in Pakistan

Educatum is an advanced accounts management system powered by NetRoots Technologies. The software comes along with the ERP modules on Cloud. Educatum is a cloud-based ERP system managing accounts and finance. The software work on the sturdy business intellect tool to generate reports and accurate data. These reports are very vital because they provide the information of the user data, they also eliminate ambiguities and add productivity to the performance of employees. Add Educatum to your accounts practices, this will benefit you to perform accounts and finance tasks with ease.

The software combines the functionality of the GM finance dashboard, employee management, and account management, exit management, training management, asset management, agenda management, loan management, land management, tax management, reports, group reports, vendor or payee, and payment sheets.

hr first dashboard

The GM finance dashboard is the first interaction of the HR or the accounts department with the software, the dashboard displays the details of the accounts such as account receivable, account payable, expenses, and income. The Educatum is accounts receivable management software.

Employee management is an indispensable part of this awesome account software, the employee management is performed in three steps, first adding the records of the employees to the software, second approving the ID card request, third issuing the warning lists. The admin can add multiple records in the system, the admin can delete, modify or edit any of the employee records.

Accounts management is the core property of accounting project management software. The accounts management section will enable the admin to control the flow of processes such as; groups, ledgers, ledger tree, and journal entry. The Admin can add groups for managing the accounts of some specific group. These groups can be edited or deleted by the admin. The ledger section will enable the accounts department to add multiple ledgers to the system, these ledgers can be seen in the ledger tree, and the admin can also manage the journal entry in the accounts management.

The tax is more manageable with the accounting software by NetRoots Technologies. The accounting department can define the tax rules, salary tax slabs, rent tax slabs, and the raw tax rates. The software is linked to other important factors that’s why the exit management is influenced directly in the employee management the exit management contains the lists of the terminated, SOS, and resigned employees.

Asset management is more simplified and productive with the accounting client management software and system. The asset management moves around the creation of the assets, asset return policy, assignment of the assets, and recording the transaction of the assets. The admin can add multiple agendas here, agendas can be edited or deleted as per requirement. Land management is the newly added functionality to the Educatum finance software. The section contains information such as landlord details, building lists, and utility bills.

The loan management will be enabling the accounts department to define the types of loans, installments plans, and loans for the employees and the loan from the banks. The software keeps the record of the application received by the employee for a loan, the system sort independently the approved and rejected loan applications. The applications of bank loans are also kept separately.

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