HR Software For Education in Pakistan

NetRoots Technologies is one of the trusted software brands expanding its power of features with the introduction of human resource management software. The HRM system will streamline the HR processes such as employee management, recruitment, exit management, training management, agenda management, and teachers. The software enables HR to work efficiently and more reliably.

The software adds the smart feature of employee management, the section responsible for anticipating the employee records to the system. Employee management involves the particulars such as; manage staff, ID card requests, and the approval of the ID card request. They manage staff section will add new staff data to the employee management, the records of the employee data can be viewed by HR. The admin can perform the edit, view profile, transfer, terminate, and promotion and demotion processes. The HR receives the ID card requests, the HR approves or rejects the request of the employees, the system keeps a record of the requests received.


NetRoots Technologies is creating the best HR software for small businesses as well as large businesses. We at NetRoots Technologies work to produce the services to assist our customers with benefits. The introduction of exit management is also to make this process more effective, professional, and friendly. Though the exit management is not bargained properly, we believe in our customer’s satisfaction that’s why we are presenting a consummate process for exit management. The exit management contains the lists of the terminated employees and the lists of the SOS (save our souls). The section keeps the record of the exit management, the HR can view the records and mark the status of the record is active or inactive. If you are tired of your manual recruitment system? NetRoots Technologies is among the largest HR software companies that support digital recruitment processes.

The recruitment process will be streamlined and productive, it will save time and energy and it will add productivity to the business. The recruitment process starts with the employee required list, job post, and application of the candidates. The HR creates the employee requires list, the information  required for making the records are; job title, job category, gender, section, program, experience/education, joining, and job description. The HR can add multiple job request entries.

The second main important part of the recruitment process is the job post, where the HR can view the jobs posted. The HR can edit or delete any of the job posts. The last section contains the applications received from the candidates.

The training section elaborates the training facilities for the employees. This section keeps the records of the training requested and the record of the training conducted previously. HR can create a training program for some specific employees or groups of employees. The results of the training are controlled directly by the employee evaluation section.

The HR system enables you to add agendas to the system. The HR can add agenda, the addition of the agenda would require information such as the title of agenda, subject, and description of the agenda. The system keeps the record of the agenda, the HR can add, modify and delete the agendas.

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