Fee Management Software in Pakistan & Saudi Arabia

NetRoots Technologies adding powerful fee management software in Saudi Arabia and Pak to be used by schools, colleges, and universities. The software is amazing and easily accessible, the admin can get the analysis and reports of the input data. NetRoots Technologies is one of the leading cloud-based education software providers utility, we are working too hard to supply the services in form of customization. We make sure that our services are customizable and fruitful for every customer!

fee tax manager

The fee management section is your destination to get all fees-relevant tasks done in a single place. The school fee collection software is responsible to add fees, fee structures, fee sections, fee heads, installment plans, scholarship management, fees tax management, and collection of fees.

The fee section is designed to add the fee against some specific courses and classes. The section fee allows you to add information such as branch name and the nature of the fee to be submitted. The branch name is specific it identifies a particular school or college. The Admin can view, add or delete the fees section in the system.

The fee head utility in the school fee management system enables the admin to specify the type of the fees. The head is simply an identifier that explains the fee type either its monthly fee or others. The fee head includes information such as branch name, program, and type of fee,

head, details and status either fixed or not. The admin can create, modify or delete the data of the fee head section.

The fee structure simply allows you to describe the structure of the fees. The fee structure is added against the branch name and the program. The admin is responsible to add the fee structure to the system. The Admin can grant the installments of the fees to the students. The section installment fee deals with the installment process. The admin can allow the installment to the students, the data is created on behalf of the branch name of the program enrolled.

The scholarship management is the section to add, modify and delete the records of the scholarship. The attributes of the scholarship management are branch, program, title, and the number of A (Grade System). The Admin is entirely responsible to control the results in the fee tax management. The system allows the admin to add the tax percentage (%) to the fees.

The tax management involves the terms such as branch name, tax name, amount, tax percentage, and the filer.

The add fee section is the place to allow the admin to add the fee record against the students. The fee records are added on the basis of the branch name and the registration number. The registration number is the unique number that’s why it is used for the addition of the fees records. The admin can add the records in the add fee section, it allows the admin to view or delete the records as well.

The collect fee is the section relevant to the fee collection of the students. NetRoots initiates with the software for school fees collection free and accessible for everyone. The section collect fee is responsible to keep the records of the fee collection. The access to the fee collection is limited, it is only allowed to the admin to view the records.

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