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September 15, 2021by educatum0

Comprehensive Open Source ERP for Educational Institutes

The Competition between educational institutes is rapidly growing. Every institute is seeking advanced enterprise technology solutions. Institutes want to increase productivity, stand out from the league, and improve academics. Do you want improved working of your institute in Lahore? Try the Best Education ERP Software in Lahore.

There are different ERP software, like Open Source ERP software and Closed Source ERP Software. A Closed Source ERP Software demands a license and does not grant public access. In contrast, Open Source ERP is software that provides public access. Seemingly, SMBs and educational institutes get attracted to the comprehensive Open Source ERP Software. The reason behind this increased attraction is that institutes want to upgrade their ERP systems. Institutes wish to optimize their system without paying massive licensing and support fees.

An Open Source ERP Software provides a solution for student information management, staff management, and expenses. Moreover, such software can help institutes in keeping all critical information in one integrated system. Below mentioned features make Open Source ERP the best software choice for Educational Institutes:

Managing Students Applications

An Open Source ERP can Manage applications for all the institutional programs in one place. Therefore, students can smoothly apply to any of the institutes’ offered programs. An ERP software will generate a student applicant record whenever students apply. If the institutes approve the student application, the software adds them to the institutes’ database. Moreover, ERP software begins emailing them from the system.

Storing Students’ Information

An Open Source ERP software efficiently maintains students’ personal information like photos, birthdates, and addresses. In addition, it can keep a record of the student’s guardian and any siblings. It also provides the feature of attaching documents such as student’s photos, educational certificates, etc.

Assorting Program Enrollments

Program Enrollment is a student’s record of enrollment and courses of a specific academic year. At times, the program enrollment process becomes complicated with troublesome software. By using ERP software, institutes can solve program enrollment issues. Students can easily enroll themselves in a program of their own choice. The ERP software will automatically generate details regarding their program enrollment. The mandatory courses in that program will get automatically filled in the student’s database. However, students can select optional or elective courses manually.

Organizing Programs & Courses

Students must choose a program that best suits their interests. So institutes must facilitate their students in selecting educational programs/courses. Moreover, institutes must present their offered programs in an organized way. With an Online School Management System Software, institutes can easily set up their academic programs. For example, institutes can include courses or electives under a specific program. Students can even set subjects as mandatory or optional. Moreover, an effective ERP software allows institutes to link each program to its particular department.

Managing Student Attendance

In educational institutes, it is highly likely for students to bunk their classes. Therefore, institutes need to keep a keen eye on the students’ attendance. With an open-source ERP software, institutes can keep track of each student’s attendance. ERP software comes with the Attendance Module having a sleek design. The ERP software enables teachers to observe student attendance during class easily. With the Student Attendance Tool, instructors can mark students’ attendance faster with simple checkboxes. Meanwhile, the software creates corresponding attendance records in the backend. Hence, attendance management becomes more straightforward with ERP software.

Maintinaing Student Fees’ Record

Fees collection and assortment can drain a lot of energy of the institutes’ Admin. Moreover, manually maintaining a fee-payments record can be time-consuming and risky. Chances of loss of data are also there. Why drain energy and time when an ERP software can effectively handle fee-related chores. The open-source ERP software can maintain the complete record of fees collected from students. Before gathering the fees-payments, it is necessary to create a Fee Structure. The software helps to generate fees structure peculiar to the selected program and academic term. With ERP software, institutes can display a detailed fee structure for their students’ easy access.

Generating an Assessment Plan

The core purpose of institutes is to provide knowledge to their students. Institutes then assess students learning by conducting exams or assessment tests. Conduction of exams requires proper scheduling. ERP assists institutes’ Admin to schedule an assessment or examination for students. Institutes can create student groups, grade scales, assessment criteria, etc., by using ERP software. Thus, the creation of an examination/assessment plan becomes facile with the ERP software system.

An open-source ERP software makes managerial tasks a lot easy for institutes. Do you want to improve the management activities of your institute by using online software? Switch to the Online School Management System in Pakistan now.

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