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December 6, 2022by educatum0

How a school management software benefits parents?


Have you taken the time to notice how parenting patterns have changed significantly? They are much more involved in their children’s curricular and co-curricular activities. Now, this is a much-appreciated trend. Also, it is gaining tremendous popularity with the passage of time. For this reason, employing school management software encourages three-way communication that further enhances the students’ confidence and overall performance.

It should be noted that now the parents are not just limited to the PTCs, admission processes, or paying the fees. They are much more involved in the whole system. Furthermore, this software ensures better communication and active participation like never before.

We all know that not all parents are stay-at-home figures. Also, the majority of them have public jobs because of which they are usually bound to follow a schedule. Ultimately, they feel like they are missing out on various important things in their little one’s life. Therefore, this is what has given rise to the need for automation.

Plus, this automation has greatly improved the operational efficiency of the system. Moreover, it also tends to the flaws of the existing system and further vows to make it better. Notably, parents always wish to see their children make progress by leaps and bounds. Therefore, it is imperative for the school to maintain the best possible cordial relationship with parents. So, you should look for school management software that well integrates the benefits for all the school, its students, and the parents alike.

Perks of School Management Software for the Parents

Evidently, an efficient school management system is a vital need nowadays. It further makes all the school operations much more efficient and streamlined for improved performance. Furthermore, in this blog, we take a look at some of the benefits this automation brings to you: the parents!

These perks further include the following:

1-         Efficient Attendance Management

Firstly, proficient school management software ensures a transparency level that is nowhere to be found. This is, without a doubt, one of the biggest advantages of this software. Now, the parents need not worry about how their child is performing in school.

Such software eventually sends out automatic updates about the student’s presence or absence through a registered mobile number or an email ID.

2-         Daily Activity Report

Secondly, this is a feature that best suits the kindergarten level. But its significance can’t be undermined for the remaining ones.

This feature eventually helps the teachers keep the parents well-informed about their tiny tots. Let’s be honest, parents are usually paranoid. Therefore, this system helps you overcome this paranoia very significantly.

3-         Well-Integrated Transport Management

Third, safety is a paramount parent concern. Plus, you should know that parents are always increasingly concerned about their child’s safety. Thus, an efficient school management software integrated with a transportation system. This lets the parents know of their child’s ETA and lets them know of their whereabouts as soon as they leave the school premises.

4-         Timely progress reports

Next to the transport system, performance reports are equally daunting for the parents and their children. Owing to this, the much-needed touch of automation has the tendency to reduce this stress. This automation ultimately allows for a more civil way of breaking the news of their child’s monthly, fortnightly and annual performance.

Now, parents can receive the report cards on their mobile apps and eventually save an unnecessary trip to school.

5-         Automated Fee Management

Following the report card hassle, fee management is another tedious task for parents. Consequently, proficient school management software gives this big relief to the parents and they can make online payments to clear any of their outstanding dues.

In such a scenario, the parents can easily log in to the portal and select the payment gateway to clear their dues. This automatically generates the receipts to confirm their payments at the end of the day.

6-         Timely alerts and reminders

Subsequent to fee management, parents can also benefit greatly from automated alerts and reminders. Schools are, without a question, one of the busiest places on earth. Henceforth, this automated software allows the parents to keep a track of any important developments or happenings within the school premises.

Moreover, it also notifies of happening like “there is no school tomorrow”, “delay in school bus departure” and many more to follow at the end of the day.

7-         Easy access to learning materials for home-learning

Finally, what is the real benefit of this automation? Well, in the present era, efficient school management software, also promotes the habit of home-based learning. Furthermore, this cloud-based system stores all the important curriculum documents in one place. The parents can access it easily to further inculcate a home-based learning practice.

This further keeps the students in better academic shape and finally makes them the kind of learners that they should have always been.

8-         Effective parent-teacher communication

Last but not least, communication is the key here. And that is the entire agenda of this automation at the end of the day. This further ensures a safe and secure platform of two-way interaction.

Lastly, this technological reform has improved the education industry significantly. In addition to that, this significantly minimizes any physical visits to the school premises and you can stay well-informed through a single database platform. So, the parents, time to sit back and relax and enjoy this automation like never before.

To sum up the entire discussion, Educatum is the best school management software, that is also committed to making your lives easier, now may it be the parents, the teachers, or the students. It eventually serves as the nervous system of your education sector to improve its operational efficiency in a significant manner.

So, come and get Educatum today and keep all your school avenues satisfied at the end of the day!




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